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  • Two's complement

    Tags: computer science

    [draft article] Two's complement Introduction For unsigned numbers, binary representation is pretty simple. For example, for a byte (8-bit representation) all of the bits of the byte can represent … more

  • Building v8 on Windows 10

    Tags: v8, windows

    We have previously talked about building v8 on Linux. Today we talk about building v8 on Windows 10. As part of the development procedure we acquire depot_tools, use depot_tools to install gclient … more

  • Building v8 on RHEL 6.7

    Tags: v8

    The OS provides python-2.6 package. However, depot_tools require python-2.7 at least. So here we to install pythong 2.7 from source. We install python-2.7 side-by-side with python-2.6 Building and … more

  • Small Integer Types in v8

    Tags: v8

    [initial draft] Small Integer or SMI Types in v8 Intro Javascript V8 uses objects to store data types. However, there is an overhead of doing this for small types such as integers similar to … more

  • Installing and Configuring Fedora 24

    Tags: fedora, linux

    I followed following references to select correct swap size according to Main Memory available in my system, References for Partition and Recommended Swap Size RHEL 6- Recommended Partitioning … more

  • Fedora Proxy Settings

    Tags: linux, fedora

    There are some corporate and home networks that use proxy server for several reasons to access internet. However, this can cause great deal of distress if not configured properly. In this article, I … more

  • Creating Fedora 24 bootable USB UEFI

    Tags: boot, linux, fedora

    This exmaple uses a previous fedora distribution to create the bootable USB for Fedora 24. First, we install live cd tools which enable us to create live usb boot. Following command takes care of … more

  • League of Legends

    Tags: games

    What is League of Legends? League of Legends is a multi-player online game. It is also called LoL or League. Once, though dedicating time to this game felt like "there is no future in it"! now, on … more

  • Frequently used git commands

    Tags: git

    [first few sections are complete, later sections yet to be updated] How to add files or changes to staged area (to commit later) [update not complete yet] Note: commit stores file locally. Commit … more