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  • SPARC Assembly - Parameter Passing

    Tags: sparc, assembly lang

    Introduction The basic calling convention is same. The first six arguments of the caller are placed in the out registers %o0-%o5. The SPARC V9 ABI still uses a register window on a larger register … more

  • Solaris Difference with Linux

    Introduction Solaris being a Unix and being derived from BSD and System V it has differences in Kernel and tools. This is from a beginner's perspective Common Open Source Tools grep, find many of … more

  • Javascript V8 Testing Framework

    Tags: v8, v8-testing

    Introduction Testing can improve quality of a product in great deal. v8 includes a number of tests as part of testing framework. A common approach of running test is to run following command after a … more

  • SPARC Registers and Data Types

    Tags: sparc

    Registers Registers in computer hardware are rapid, direct hardware access in computation. C register variables in general are stored in registers as well. Why Registers Here are some reason why … more

  • SPARC Assembly Language 64 bit - Delay Slots that ncsu link could be old, maybe SPARCv8 What MUST NOT be put into the delay slot? Anything that sets the CC that the … more

  • Learning the SPARC ABI

    Tags: sparc, assembly lang

    [draft article] The Stack Stack is no mystery other than a contiguous allocation of memory. It is called Stack due to the way we access the memory locations in last-in-first-out manner. [review … more

  • Demonstrating Chapter 1 - The Computer

    Tags: sparc, assembly lang

    Introduction Much of the computer architecture involves the substitution of numeric codes for symbols. In fact, much of computer science involves the manipulation of symbols and their eventual … more