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  • Migrating away from wp-engine

    Tags: wordpress

    Introduction wp-engine has custom code in the some of the files in the wordpress source tree. When you move away you need to get rid of those custom code as they can make your wordpress not working. … more

  • SPARC Branch Instructions including Jump and Link

    Tags: sparc

    Introduction Suppose, in our assembly program, we need to jump to a given 64 bit address. To do that, we have to use the "Jump and Link" instruction among all those jump/branch instructions. A … more

  • Debugging using DBX

    Tags: debugging

    A good starting guide for dbx The Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx documentation is a good starting guide for dbx. It provides basic instructions on starting dbx. It also talks about, … more

  • Basic x86 Instruction Set

    Tags: assembly lang, x86

    Intro In this article, I put together some of the instructions that are most commonly used. Instructions cmpq - performs 64 bit int comparison References SO - what does the cmpq instruction do? more

  • codeforces 455 A Boredom

    Tags: algorithms, dynamic programming

    The solution I have developed is a dynamic programming twist. From the problem specification it is obvious to see that we can run a loop upto 10^5 and calculate max points using a recurrence … more

  • SPARC Assembly - Parameter Passing

    Tags: sparc, assembly lang

    Introduction The basic calling convention is same. The first six arguments of the caller are placed in the out registers %o0-%o5. The SPARC V9 ABI still uses a register window on a larger register … more

  • Solaris Difference with Linux

    Introduction Solaris being a Unix and being derived from BSD and System V it has differences in Kernel and tools. This is from a beginner's perspective Common Open Source Tools grep, find many of … more

  • Javascript V8 Testing Framework

    Tags: v8, v8-testing

    Introduction Testing can improve quality of a product in great deal. v8 includes a number of tests as part of testing framework. A common approach of running test is to run following command after a … more